Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in Social Work at FHS St. Gallen

Today's dynamic and global society raises increasingly complex questions. New social problems emerge while old topics resurface. Social work professionals are in high demand for these social hotspots. At FHS St. Gallen, you will become acquainted with and learn how to apply the methods and tools needed to act professionally and ethically in everyday working life.

Bachelor's degree in Social Work
The main goal of the Bachelor’s programme is to provide professional training. Within a generalist curriculum, you will be able to set specific priorities: thus, you can choose between majors in Social Work or Social Pedagogy, as well as different areas of specialisation. Depending on how you set your priorities, you can operate in different fields of work.
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Master's degree in Social Work
At Master's level, the foundations acquired in the Bachelor's programme are application-oriented and expanded with regard to scientific content. You will be empowered to develop new solutions for complex tasks, to act in interdisciplinary configurations while retaining a comprehensive view and to plan and perform evaluation and research tasks, always directly related to practical applications. Thus, you will open up new career prospects and qualify for demanding tasks in practice, research and teaching.
Learn more about the Master's degree in Social Work.
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