FHS St. Gallen
University of Applied Sciences
Rosenbergstrasse 59, Postfach
9001 St. Gallen, Switzerland

+41 71 226 14 00

Research Priorities

In the framework of applied research and development, FHS St. Gallen, University of Applied Sciences works in an interdisciplinary manner on future-shaping topics such as generations, sustainable business development, social spaces, innovation and complexity management as well as e-society and e-health. It actively participates in the scientific discourse of the international research community. Thus, the University makes an important contribution to the social, economic and technological development of eastern Switzerland.

Our Institutes play a central role here. In addition to stand-alone research, they are important partners for companies and institutions who need to implement research projects efficiently and professionally. Through their consulting expertise in project financing through Federal Government or the EU, Institutes also provide valuable assistance in the implementation of research projects for companies and institutions. They allow businesses and institutions to benefit from cost-efficient research projects and funding opportunities and to successfully develop innovative solutions and to put them into practice.

Institute of Applied Nursing Sciences IPW-FHS
Institute of Information and Process Management IPM-FHS
Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDEE-FHS
Institute for Model Design and Simulation IMS-FHS
Institute of Quality Management and Business Administration IQB-FHS (in German)
Institute of Social Work IFSA-FHS (in German)
Institute of Business Management IFU-FHS
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