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Overview of Research and Consulting Services for the Business World

For companies and institutions, we provide application-oriented support for questions related to the business world at different levels. Depending on the question, an Institute or centre of excellence can be entrusted with a project or a student project work can be commissioned.

Consulting Services of Institutes and Competence Centres

With our wide range of consulting services, we ensure knowledge transfer between science and the business world. Companies and institutions thus benefit from up-to-date expertise in the areas of Business Administration, Social Work, Technical Sciences and Health. Learn more about our consulting Services.

Application-oriented Research and Development Projects

Our Institutes and Competence Centres are important partners for companies and institutions, dealing with innovative questions from the business world. Businesses and institutions benefit from cost-efficient research projects and funding opportunities and are helped to develop innovative solutions and to put them into practice. Learn more about our application-oriented research und development projects.

Project Work by Students

Student projects (practical projects) can be developed independently by a group of students as part of their studies. The student projects are assessed for course credits. The supervising tutor will focus on learning; therefore, no claim can be made on the quality of the final results. Learn more about project work by students.

Bachelor and Master's Theses

Students of Bachelor and Master's degrees can undertake a qualified individual assignment (sometimes within a group) as a thesis of Business Administration, Social Work and Health. Learn more about Bachelor and Master's theses.
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