FHS St.Gallen
Institute for Information and Process Management IPM
Rosenbergstrasse 59, Postfach
CH-9001 St.Gallen

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Research Areas

Research Areas

Based on our methodological and technological competencies, we focus on applied research on the following topics:

-Digital Health and Health Services
-Smart Cities and Regions
-eBusiness and business solutions

COFER One Health
Mobile emergency and monitoring system for early detection of zoonoses

Mobile Palliative Care
Reduce the strain on patients and their relatives in the palliative home care setting

Get Ready for Activity – Ambient Day Scheduling with Dementia

Correlations between a person's behavior and sleep quality

Patient Radar
Model driven development of a platform to support the transferal management between acute hospitals and rehabilitation clinics

Nudging for behavioural change

A mobile health application for stress recognition and reduction based on smart phones and sensor devices that record vital signs and contextual data

Integrated Care
Integrated care in rural areas – innovative primary and emergency care

eSociety Bodensee 2020
Open social innovation: the use of open innovation approaches to addressing societal challenges in the Lake Constance region

Analysis of the current state and the evolution of referring partner relationship management in Switzerland

Policy Modeling (Lead IMS-FHS)
Dynamic modeling used for the optimization of funding models for energy efficiency and renewable energy

Open Innovation Monitoring Study 2012
Two hundred German-speaking executives were interviewed about open innovation and the use of instruments in innovation management

MoTecHo Study
MOBILE TECHNOLOGY IN HOSPITALS – analysis of requirements for and acceptance of this technology, in cooperation with Swisscom

Project DokLife
Dokumenten-Lifecycle-Management auf der Basis semantischer Annotationen

Web-based platform supporting patient self-management for alcoholics and people with musculoskeletal diseases

Project SCWS - Swiss Campus Web Services
Entwicklung einer technisch und organisatorisch funktionierenden SOA für den Verwaltungsbereich der Hochschulen

Project HERA - Helvetic E-Government Reference Architecture
Referenzarchitektur für prozessorientierte, organisationsübergreifende E-Government-Anwendungen mit Integration von Unternehmen und Verwaltungen. Die Referenzarchitektur lässt sich gleichermassen für Unternehmen oder auch im Gesundheitswesen einsetzen

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