Digital Health und Health Services
Smart Cities and Regions

FHS St.Gallen
Institute for Information and Process Management IPM
Rosenbergstrasse 59, Postfach
CH-9001 St.Gallen

Phone +41 71 226 17 40

At a Glance

Our methodological core competencies enable us to work with companies, hospitals and local and regional public bodies to:

·identify, optimize, or completely reinvent business processes relevant to success
·develop innovative business models based on modern information and communication technologies
·determine the requirements for IT systems and applications
·select or design appropriate IT systems
·establish IT management to guarantee cost efficiency, the strategic alignment of IT, and the quality of IT support.

In applying these competencies, we combine best practices with new technologies and the latest findings from applied research. Digital networks, the Internet, and mobile technologies enable entirely new forms of interaction and the full integration of customers, patients, citizens, or of business partners and suppliers in business processes. Response and processing times can be optimized, process quality and reliability of planning increased, customer loyalty raised, and brand new products and services offered. We are able to draw upon our expertise and interdisciplinary network of experts to find innovative solutions.
We use the term eSociety as an umbrella for the diverse applications of our expertise in different areas. The concept covers established processes in commerce, industry, and services, as well as research on the implications of new information technologies for society, or investigations into the area of Smart Cities and Smart Regions. We are also one of the leading Swiss universities in the area of Digital Health, where we apply well-proven concepts and approaches from other fields to healthcare. Innovative technologies are employed, for instance, to support patients with mobile apps dedicated to prevention, health monitoring, patient self-management or compliance.
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