Incoming Students

Welcome to the section for future international exchange students. We are happy that you will be joining us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Academic Calendar for International Students

Spring Semester 2017/18
Monday, 19.02.2018 to Friday, 29.06.2018
! Start Introduction Week: Thursday, 08.02.2018

Breaks during Spring Semester:
08.04.2018 to 22.04.2018

Final Exams:
Monday, 18.06.2018 to Friday, 29.06.2018

Fall Semester 2018/19
Monday, 17.09.2018 to Friday, 25.01.2019
! Start Introduction Week: Thursday, 06.09.2018

Breaks during Fall Semester:
14.10.2018 to 21.10.2018

Final Exams:
Monday, 14.01.2019 to Friday, 25.01.2019

Spring Semester 2018/19
Monday, 18.02.2019 to Friday, 28.06.2019
! Start Introduction Week: Thursday, 07.02.2019

Breaks during Spring Semester:
07.04.2019 to 21.04.2019

Final Exams:
Monday, 17.06.2019 to Friday, 28.06.2019


Accommodation is offered to incoming students in apartments and rooms close to FHS St.Gallen at reasonable prices (about Euros 500 - 700 /month). Every student gets his or her own bedroom. Kitchen and bathrooms will be shared with other students. Internet access is available. Apartments are completely furnished. Please use the form from our dropbox.

If you would like to look for your own accommodation in St.Gallen, please find some more information on the following websites:
- roomtake.ch
- shared flats in St.Gallen
- comparis
- airbnb


Please ask at your International Office for exchange application forms. This can be done as soon as you have been nominated by your home institution.

Deadlines for student nomination :
Spring Semester - 15 October
Fall Semester - 15 May

Deadlines for student exchange applications:
Spring Semester - 31 October
Fall Semester - 31 May

Experiences of international exchange students at FHS St.Gallen

International Consulting Projects

Students as Consultants in Swiss companies:
In order to be able to put what has been learned into practice, students at FHS St.Gallen write a total of six academic papers. After two in-house, four paid commissioned jobs are conducted in cooperation with Swiss companies. The respective project groups are accompanied and supported by experienced instructors. Exchange students also have the opportunity to participate in these consulting projects and thus gain international experience early on.

International Consulting projects are credit courses that combine the educational tools exchange students in St.Gallen acquire in the classroom with real life consulting experience.
Students will work through the semester together with their advisors. Final presentations by these teams are scheduled for the end of the semester.
The projects can include research on marketing plan development, marketing strategy / analysis, industry analysis, business development, benchmark / competitive analysis, and / or internet related analysis.

Read what our exchange students say about their consulting experience in Switzerland:
"I find it very interesting and useful. It is a great opportunity to get real practical experience. I think this is the future of education." Svetlin Mirchev, Bulgaria

"I was very glad to work on this project. It was a very attractive and challenging project where my team and I could apply all our knowledge. Moreover, our client invited us to participate on the CEBIT-Exhibition in Hanover, Germany in March 06 to brief us on the company's activities and their competitors." Virgine Fock Chow Tho, EDC Paris, France

PR Reports of previous consulting projects


Welcome package
FHS St.Gallen will be sending you an information package by email with material regarding the University, the city St.Gallen and Switzerland.

Visa and Immigration
The International Office at FHS St.Gallen will assist you as much as possible in getting your visa to come to Switzerland. A residency permit is required for stays in excess of three months in duration.

- Previous EU and EFTA countries:
FHS St.Gallen applies for your residency permit in June/November.
The department of immigration grants residency permits for the duration of the stay.
FHS St.Gallen issues these permits to exchange students appr. in July/December. Please bring this permit with you when entering Switzerland. It will be needed to report to the residency office after your arrival.

- Non-European countries exempt/non-exempt from visa requirements:
FHS St.Gallen applies for a "Swiss Consulate Approval to Grant Visa" document in June/November.
The department of immigration sends document to FHS St.Gallen. The Swiss Consulate of the country in question receives a copy of this document.
FHS St.Gallen issues this document to exchange students appr. in July/December.
Exchange Students must contact the Swiss Consulate after receiving document in mail and pick up the Visa if required. Visa fees must be paid at the consulate.

Health Insurance
Compulsory health insurance is intended to ensure that all individuals residing in Switzerland have guaranteed access to adequate healthcare.
Swiss law mandates obtaining insurance from a Swiss health insurer for any stay longer than three months in duration. The following are exempt from this requirement:
- EU citizens covered by national insurance schemes
- EU citizens with adequate private insurance coverage
- Non-EU citizens with adequate insurance coverage

Students are responsible themselves for providing evidence of adequate insurance coverage (form E-111, EU citizen insurance cards or letter in German issued by your health insurance provider).
Health Insurance Companies:
Academic Care of Groupe Mutuel

Buddy System
Before arriving in Switzerland, one of our FHS Students will contact you and will help you with questions regarding your stay in St.Gallen. Your buddy will be there for you when you arrive in St.Gallen and bring you to your accommodation.

Packing recommendations
Many students dress casually for classes, but you will also need to bring business clothes for presentations. Also, bring clothing to layer so that you can adjust to the changing temperatures.

More Information about Switzerland:
Switzerland Tourism

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