FHS St.Gallen
Interdisciplinary Competence Centre for Ageing IKOA-FHS
Rosenbergstrasse 59, Postfach
9001 St.Gallen

Tel. +41 71 226 18 20


Standardised Quantitative Methods
The IKOA-FHS team successfully uses standardised methods for collecting data to determine the framework conditions (institutions, homes, Spitex, clubs, etc.) for future demand scenarios, or to investigate specific issues for larger groups of people. We conduct surveys using questionnaires, paper-based as well as online, depending on the target group and its attainability. Thus, representative data can be gathered in order to provide relevant knowledge for policy makers, institutions and organisations.

Qualitative Methods
For the collection of specific information, IKOA-FHS uses qualitative instruments such as interviews, group discussions, focus groups, or content analytical methods. In this way, detailed data is acquired for a deeper understanding of the phenomenon under study. This information is intended to support successful and effective decision-making in socially relevant issues related to ageing.

Participative Research
IKOA-FHS conducts participatory research, i.e. research with the active involvement of affected population groups. This method possesses great potential, because it is not only about people but with people as it involves them in the research process. Through stakeholders' active involvement in the research process, a deeper understanding of the studied social reality is achieved.
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