FHS St.Gallen
Interdisciplinary Competence Centre for Ageing IKOA-FHS
Rosenbergstrasse 59, Postfach
9001 St.Gallen

Tel. +41 71 226 18 20

Consulting Services

Interdisciplinary expertise on questions revolving around socially relevant subjects of age and ageing
Our team of sociologists, health scientists and social work experts provides a wide interdisciplinary perspective for your topics of interest. This interdisciplinary team is one of the few compentence centers in existence with current research about ageing as its main focus. IKOA's main activities include the investigation of age and ageing in all its diversity and complexity. Thanks to our principle of networked research, it is possible to provide reliable data for policy makers and institutions to assist them in the design for demographic change.

Models and programmes of institutions and public authorities with reference to age
IKOA provides consultancy services for the development of guidelines and models dealing with the diverse needs and wishes of older people. Furthermore, we offer ideas for concepts and evaluate your concepts, programmes and policies dealing with age-related issues.

Participative approach to support sustainable acceptance
The IKOA team views the active integration of the population in development processes as essential towards a user-oriented alignment of services. Therefore, we offer our expertise to advise you on the planning of participatory development processes and are pleased to be actively involved upon request.
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