Admission and registration

The conditions of admission for prospective students depend on their specific or non-specific previous training in the field of healthcare.

Area-specific Previous Training

Persons with specific previous training in nursing can directly enrol at FHS St.Gallen.
-Experts / professionals with a vocational qualification in Healthcare (Matura)
-Holders of a specialised Maturity Certificate in Healthcare
-Healthcare professionals with a degree HF
-Persons with a higher vocational education and training in nursing (DN II, AKP, PsyKP, KWS or IKP)
-Persons with equivalent nursing training from Germany and Austria

No Area-specific Previous Training

Persons with non-specific training in nursing must undergo a structured Trainee Program of one year before the start of the nursing degree programme.
-People with a specialised Maturity Certificate in a field other than health
-Graduates with a secondary school qualification (Matura)
-Persons with a different type of non-professional or professional Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ) with professional certification.

More information on the admission requirements (in German).
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