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The architecture workshop

The architecture degree programme in St. Gallen aims to combine the conventional professional competences of an architect with an integrated, generalist mentality. The quality of constructed spaces as a sensory experience sets the mark for architecture’s comprehensive responsibility for people and the environment. Particularly in light of the growing complexity of today’s requirements, architectural plans in the architecture workshop are no longer just a core competency and method, but increasingly involve the applied, integrated transfer of knowledge at the heart of architectural degree courses.
Focusing on knowledge and methods of architecture as an independent discipline, and the principles of topos, type and tectonics, lays the necessary foundation for communicating and developing a generalist mentality and interdisciplinary approach. The project-based programme geared towards this concept emphasises the interdisciplinary nature of architectural practice and enables students to directly assess and grasp the relevance of the specialist knowledge they acquire, whether it involves structural, technological, artistic, social, economic, historical or architecture-theory aspects. Discussions are not held at some lofty theoretical level, but put to the test in concrete architectural projects to help students gradually develop the ability to engage in interdisciplinary discourse with an independent attitude and sense of responsibility. More information about the Architecture degree programme at the FHS St.Gallen.

A small, individual school

The limited number of students lays the groundwork for close, ongoing communication between students and lecturers, ensuring individual support. Particularly in light of the students’ very different initial qualifications, the studio allows students to share their ideas in small groups in an active learning environment, while events held throughout different semesters such as the “All School Charrette” and interdisciplinary discourse with the FHS’ various disciplines round out the programme.

University and practical experience as a cooperative education model

The degree programme has a close relationship with architectural practice, industry and strong regional trades. The mentor programmes give the university a unique practical component. Guest lectures, introductory presentations and expert visits on the one hand, along with visits to workshops and construction sites on the other, continually put what the students have learned to the test while advancing their knowledge and comprehension.

The bachelor's degree programme in Architecture at a glance

Architecture is tasked with the great responsibility of creating works that will endure and remain significant for future generations. The St. Gallen model is characterised by its active workshop-oriented approach with the “All School Charrette” that brings together students from all years in shared project and learning processes, as well as the close connection between training and practical experience through the cooperative education model. The university can only achieve these special features by staying true to its concept of a small, exclusive and personal architectural school that focuses on actively supporting students through close contact with faculty rather than churning out graduates en masse.

DegreeBachelor of Arts FHO in Architecture (180 ECTS credits)
Forms of studySandwich course
Combined degree programme
Full-time degree programme
AdmissionFederal Vocational Baccalaureate or Baccalaureate with professional experience

Registration fee: one-off fee of CHF 400.00
Examination fee: CHF 40.00 per Semester
Semester fee: CHF 1,000.00 per Semester
RegistrationDeadline for registration: 30 April
Start of the semester Week of 18 September (induction week commences the week before)

Further information about the bachelor’s degree in Architecture can be found here.
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