The judges

Select the winning teams, primarily on the basis of the economic value provided by the projects.

The judging panel consists of eight high-calibre representatives from the worlds of business and science. Each year, it takes up the challenge of selecting the best projects in the categories Market Research and Management Design. It does so on the basis of defined project selection processes and criteria and in accordance with the judging regulations.

Business leaders as prize sponsors

Christof Oswald

Head of Human Resources


Sponsor of 1st prize Market Research

Thomas Harring



Sponsor of 1st prize Management Design

Klaus Brammertz

CEO Bauwerk Boen Group


Sponsor of 2nd/3rd prize Market Research

Heidi Bösch

Leiterin Direktion Personelles & Klubschule


Sponsor of 2nd/3rd prize Management Design

Business experts

Bruno Räss


Daniel Wessner

Amtsleiter, Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit

Education and teaching experts

Prof. Dr. Daniel Seelhofer

Principal OST

Prof. Dr. Marion Pester

Head of the Department of Business Administration, 
Site manager St.Gallen