Market Research

Supervised teamwork as real-life student consulting project 2 with full-time students from January to June 
as supervised teamwork with part-time students and more in-depth analysis of the client’s business from March to November 

Market research is an indispensable tool for providing reliable information on which to base decisions. With a real-life student consulting project in Market Research, you can obtain valuable information about your markets, customers, products or employees.

Possible content of real-life student consulting projects in Market Research

The project objectives are defined in advance by the WTT-FHS and the client in accordance with the client's specific requirements.

  • Market analysis
    size, development, forecasts, distribution, penetration, drivers, barriers, potential
  • Competition analysis
    key players, market shares, strengths/weaknesses, business models, profiles, USPs, strategies
  • (Target) customer analyses
    profiles, sectors, expectations, requirements, price acceptance, perception, satisfaction
  • Trend analysis
    megatrends, socio-cultural profiles, technology scouting, substitute products
  • Sales analyses
    sales concepts, distribution channels, sales services, service models
  • Image and brand analysis
    products, services, brands, companies
  • Employee satisfaction analysis


Real-life student consulting project PPR2 (full-time)Real-life student consulting project PPBB (part-time)
Student input
Team members: 4-6 studentsTeam members: 4-6 students
Total commitment: approx. 800 hoursTotal commitment: approx. 1,200 hours
Full-time students in semester: 4th semesterPart-time students in semester: 4th and 5th semester
Lecturer input
Group seminars: -Group seminars: 14 hours
Project coach: 50 hoursProject coach: 60 hours
Statistics coach: 7 hoursStatistics coach: 7 hours
IT coach: 3 hoursIT coach: 4 hours
Language coach: 7 hoursLanguage coach: 7 hours
Proofreader: 8 hoursProofreader: 8 hours
Final report: 60 pages, plus management summary and appendicesFinal report: 90 pages, plus management summary and appendices
PR reportPR report
Final presentation: on client’s premisesFinal presentation: on client’s premises
Confidentiality: all data belong to the client and are treated confidentiallyConfidentiality: all data belong to the client and are treated confidentially
Language: GermanLanguage: German
Fixed dates
Start: End of JanuaryStart: Beginning of March
End: Mid-JuneEnd: End of November
Duration: 17 weeks (alongside lectures)Duration: 39 weeks (alongside lectures and work)
Nomination: possibleNomination: possible
Flat rate: CHF 8,500 (excl. VAT) payable to the WTT-FHSFlat rate: CHF 8,500 (excl. VAT) payable to the WTT-FHS
Expenses: approx. CHF 1,500 (as incurred) payable to studentsExpenses: approx. CHF 1,500 (as incurred) payable to students

Project scope 

Market research PPR2 and PPBB 

  • Detailed primary and secondary analyses
    in the Swiss market and in other German-speaking countries
  • Research design
    methodical plan of action with specific definition of research objectives, target groups, survey methods, research content, etc.
  • Market surveys
    field-based with population size (N) up to three digits and using online tools,
    desk-based with detailed research
  • Analysis
    collected data are first analysed with professional tools and then interpreted
  • Conclusions and recommendations
    conclusions and recommendations with direct practical application are derived from the analysis findings

Supplementary component in PPBB: business analytics elements

For greater depth on the Market Research assignment, relevant, specifically selected business analytics elements are covered with reference to «KMU*STAR» by Lombriser Roman et al. 

  • Situation analysis 
    relevant topics are selected from the following: History, business concept, products/markets (strategic business units), business development, competitive position, skills/resources for all corporate functions, financials/results
  • Outlook analysis
    relevant topics are selected from the following: general trends, plans made, market development, success factors, development of competition, business potential, skills/resource requirements
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
    derived from market research and elements covered in the situation and outlook analysis 
  • Optional strategic directions 
    derived from market research, elements covered in the situation and outlook analysis and SWOT 
  • Program of operational measures
    shows how directions can be implemented at operational level

Suitable for

Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors in Switzerland and in the international Lake Constance region, public institutions and NGOs.

The well thought out market research produced systematic results with clear, practically applicable conclusions. The central element – a clearly structured business portfolio – is extremely practical and provides relevant content upon which to base business and market-related decisions.

Dr. Pascal Scheiwiller, Managing Director of Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG, St.Gallen