Management Design

Real-life student consulting project 3, supervised teamwork

Businesses and public institutions are constantly changing and evolving. A management plan gives you a methodologically sound, future-proofed model plan that can be implemented for specific areas of your business or institution.

Possible content of real-life student consulting projects in Management Design

The project objectives are defined in advance by the WTT-FHS and the client in accordance with the client's specific requirements.

  • Strategic management
    conceptualisation of specific strategies, innovative business models, new services, business plans, etc. 
  • Marketing and communication
    concepts for analogue and digital marketing, communication, sales, market entry, positioning, new customer acquisition, customer journey, customer retention, sponsorship, etc.
  • Accounting and controlling 
    concepts for calculation models, KPI development, balanced scorecards, dashboards, management cockpits, early warning systems, cost management, profitability calculations, financial process controlling, etc. 
  • Banking and finance
    concepts for wealth management, financial planning, corporate banking, valuations, risk management, mergers & acquisitions, succession planning, etc.
  • Human resources and organisational development 
    concepts for employee development, expansion of skill sets, employee retention, job grading systems, remuneration systems, incentive schemes, future-oriented corporate cultures, organisational development, etc. 
  • Business information technology
    concepts for process management and process optimisation, e-business, digital transformation, use cases, knowledge management, service-oriented business organisations, analysis and further development of application systems, evaluation of software applications and e-business systems, etc.


Management Design
Student input
Number of team members: 4 to 6 students
Total commitment: approx. 800 hours
Students in semester: 6th semester (full-time) / 8th semester (part-time)
Lecturer input
Project coach: 50 hours
Final report: 60 pages, plus management summary and appendices
PR report
Final presentation: on client’s premises
Confidentiality: all data belong to the client and are treated confidentially
Language: German
Fixed dates
Start: end of January
End: mid-June
Duration: 17 weeks (alongside lectures)
Nomination: possible
Flat rate: CHF 8,500 (excl. VAT) payable to the WTT-FHS
Expenses: approx. CHF 1,500 (as incurred) payable to students

Project scope

  • Analysis of the current/actual situation of the business and the market in relation to the project topic 
  • Definition and substantiation of the project objectives in relation to all involved and affected stakeholders
  • Evaluation of suitable management plans, methods or processes for the strategic development of the concept
  • Development of the practically applicable concept with the following target characteristics: measurable, logical, systematic, comprehensible, plausible, clearly argued, clearly formulated and intuitively presented. Where possible, with development of directly applicable tools for the client.

Suitable for

Businesses of all sizes and from all sectors in Switzerland and in the international Lake Constance region, public institutions and NGOs.

In carrying out their research, the students navigated their way through the heterogeneous and complex landscape of the Arbonia Group with great enthusiasm and commitment. The route they opted for in terms of a solution produced a unique personnel development concept, which was presented very clearly and in great detail. Thank you very much for your excellent work!

Maria Romero, Head of Corporate Human Resources Arbonia Management AG, Arbon