Sandra Bischof 

Assistant program manager for the real-life student consulting projects BATH, IPRO 
Administrative support for the WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Sandra Bischof completed her commercial apprenticeship at the UAP insurance company in Altenrhein. She then went off to spend a year in sunny California. She travelled across America in a VW camper van for three months, before returning to Switzerland with some memories that will last forever. She had a brief spell working for a software company in St. Gallen, before becoming pregnant with her first child at a young age. Two more were to follow, which made her day-to-day life quite hectic. She was given the option to continue working for the insurance company on an hourly basis, which she gladly accepted as a break from family life. Since the Altenrhein market hall – designed by the famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser – was completed in 2003, she has been providing guided tours for pupils, tourists and other groups. Her fourth child then came along in 2007. In 2013, she was elected to the Thal municipal council. Alongside her work there, she also presides over other committees for tourism, Hafen Staad and Buechberg redevelopment. From November 2014 to February 2017, she worked as an assistant to the exhibition manager for party and wedding exhibitions (Olma-Messen). Since April 2017, she has been working in administration (0.4 FTE) in the Knowledge Transfer Unit WTT-FHS.


What are your duties at the WTT-FHS?

In addition to maintaining the CRM system, I provide the team with administrative support for the real-life student consulting projects and the WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD. I also take care of the mail, switchboard and catering and am there to welcome people with a friendly smile at the WTT reception desk.

How would you describe yourself? 

Open-minded, friendly, talkative, inquisitive.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you? 

Sleep in, do something with my family, but also just laze around a bit. 

What three things would you take with you to a lonely desert island?

My family. Do they count as “things”? Plus a good book and some music (mobile phone or radio).

Who do you find fascinating, and why?

No particular individual. Just anyone who can fascinate and captivate others with their words.

Is there anything else that you absolutely want to do in your life? 

Go travelling again and get to know different cultures, and also learn lots of new things.

What makes you happy? 

Meeting interesting people, a good concert, going for a ride on my stand-up paddle board. 

What is the nicest place in St.Gallen, and why? 

A walk around the “Drei Weieren” ponds is simply wonderful. In the heart of nature, yet so close to the city centre.

Complete the sentences:

10 years ago, I was... just becoming a mum for the fourth time. Jaël will celebrate her first double-digit birthday this year – that’s something she’s really proud of!

10 years from now, I’ll... hopefully still be as happy as I am now!