Ronald Ivancic

Dr., Mag. mult. 
Project manager for real-life student consulting projects

Contact person for students during the project implementation phase on the programs: Market Research Switzerland+, Europe+ Consulting

Ronald Ivancic grew up in Villach, Carinthia (Austria). After studying business administration, cultural studies, media and communication studies, brand management and law, and holding various positions in the consulting industry, teaching, executive education and research in Vienna, he moved to Eastern Switzerland in 2011, where he initially worked as a consultant before becoming Director of International Programmes at the St.Gallen Business School and the Management Academy St.Gallen. After four years, he returned to the consulting industry as an interim manager and consultant, serving a wide variety of clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in both the B2C and B2B sectors. Since June 2016, Ronald has been working as a project manager for real-life student consulting projects at the FHS St. Gallen’s Knowledge Transfer Unit.

What are your duties at WTT?

As a project manager, I am involved in the acquisition, planning and implementation of real-life student consulting projects taking care of the ongoing transfer of knowledge to the business sector.

How would you describe yourself?

Purposeful, generalist, open-minded, interested in different perspectives. 

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

Relaxing in the mountains hiking or skiing, or something a little less strenuous, like hitting the mountain roads on my motorbike. But reading a good book, spending a day by the lake/sea, or enjoying a pleasant evening with friends would also make for a perfect weekend.

What three things would you take with you to a lonely desert island?

My other half, and some form of communication device to stay in touch with the outside world. If it’s warm and sunny on the island, I’ll get by just fine with these two things.

Who do you find fascinating, and why?

There are so many admirable people in different areas, whether in the worlds of business, politics and sport, or in my family. So it’s difficult to choose just one.

Is there anything else that you absolutely want to do in your life?

As a generalist who is interested in multiple perspectives, there is a whole list of things that I still definitely want to do. I don’t think there’d be enough space to list them all here!

What makes you happy?

When I’m in the zone and everything just seems to fall into place. But also open-minded conversations and discussions, or activities in the great outdoors.

What is the nicest place in St.Gallen, and why?

In the canton as well as the city, there are many places worth spending time in. It’s difficult for me to put them in order of how nice they are.

Complete the sentences:

10 years ago I was... working as a consultant in Vienna and Paris, as well as in Germany and Switzerland. I started writing my dissertation and published my first book.

10 years from now I’ll... have ticked off many things on the aforementioned list and added many new ones.