Martina Bechter

Mag. rer. soc.oec. Project manager for real-life student consulting projects

Contact person for students during the project implementation phase on the programs: Integration Project, Market Research in the USA and Bachelor’s Thesis

Martina Bechter grew up in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg. From 1999 to 2006, she studied Social and Economic Sciences at the Leopold Franzens University of Innsbruck, Austria, the Universidade Nova in Lisbon, Portugal, and the University of New Orleans, USA. She gained her first experience in the field of management consulting while still at university. After graduating, she spent over five years working for two consultancy firms in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. After accumulating several years of consulting and project management experience in various European countries, she relocated to the Hamburg area, where she worked as a project manager on a major project at a northern German university, with a particular focus on knowledge transfer, integration into business practice, and development of university-specific projects. After two years of working in organisational development for the university, she became a project manager at the FHS St.Gallen’s Business School in 2018.

What are your duties at WTT?

As a project manager for real-life student consulting projects, I am responsible for our JUSP (Joint US Swiss Program), the integration project and the Bachelor’s Thesis module. 

How would you describe yourself? 

Determined, solution-oriented, team-oriented.

What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

Being outdoors in the fresh air and enjoying the advantages of living in this wonderful region.

What three things would you take with you to a lonely desert island? 

Satellite phone, drinking water and a return ticket.

Who do you find fascinating, and why?

Generally, anyone who makes the most of their potential.

What makes you happy?

Good humour and excellent results.

What is the nicest place in St.Gallen, and why?

The wildlife park: it’s open to everyone, great for families and close to the city.

Complete the sentences: 

10 years ago... things were not all as rosy.

10 years from now I’ll... look back on good times.