Claudia Brönimann 

MSc in Business Administration,
Deputy Head of the Knowledge Transfer Unit, Lecturer 

Contact person for students during the project implementation phase on the programs: Business Analysis, Business Analysis & Market Research, Market Research in the USA

From 2004 to 2007, Claudia Brönimann studied Business Administration at the FHS St. Gallen. After graduating, she built up her professional experience on the client side and in the Swiss private banking sector while working at Credit Suisse in Zurich. In 2012, she joined the knowledge-transfer-team at the FHS St.Gallen and alongside her work completed a part-time Master’s degree in Zurich with a focus area in Strategic Management). She has been a lecturer at the Business School since 2015.

What are your duties at WTT?

As the deputy head of the WTT-FHS, I am responsible for managing all real-life student consulting projects and Bachelor’s theses during the project implementation and debriefing phases. I am therefore in continuous contact with students, coaches and clients.

How would you describe yourself?

Solution-oriented, committed, with a tendency to think in terms of systems. 

What does a perfect weekend look like for you? 

Being outdoors as much as possible (in the mountains or exploring different towns).

What three things would you take with you to a lonely desert island?

A camera, running shoes... and a boat for getting back home :-) 

Who do you find fascinating, and why?

Anyone who has the courage to depart from the norm, to try something new. 

Is there anything else that you absolutely want to do in your life?

Travel around South America, learn to play tennis, and so much more... 

What makes you happy? 

Good, dry humour. 

What is the nicest place in St.Gallen, and why?

The canton as a whole. After a few years in Zurich, I was drawn back to this beautiful part of the world. 

Complete the sentences: 

10 years ago I was... involved in the exciting and challenging field of private banking during the financial crisis. 

10 years from now, I’ll... be able to look back on 10 happy years.