About us

For around 20% of their degree program at the FHS, students of Business Administration and Business Information Technology work on a rolling program of real-life student consulting projects with companies and institutions in the market. The Knowledge Transfer Unit (WTT-FHS for short) is responsible for the marketing, acquisition, project implementation management and debriefing for all of these real-life student consulting projects at the FHS St.Gallen Business School. These account for almost 20% of the Bachelor’s program.

Each year, the WTT-FHS acquires around 100 team-based real-life student consulting projects and 150 individual projects (Bachelor’s Theses) for a total of around 600 students. Nine real-life student consulting project programs per year are conducted with students, lecturers, and businesses or organisations under the direction of the WTT.

The Knowledge Transfer Unit is partly self-financing and  is always market-driven. It serves as a bridge between academia and business. In doing so, it draws on the skills and experience of some 50 lecturers, who are involved in the real-life student consulting projects as coaches. The WTT-FHS work culminates in the annual WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD, which recognises and honours the best real-life student consulting project teams in the categories of Market Research and Management Design in collaboration with a large group of sponsors.


Peter Müller

Head of Knowledge Transfer Unit WTT-FHS 

Ronald Ivancic

Project manager for real-life student consulting projects

Melissa De Carlo

Exchange Coordinator

Sandra Bischof

Program Assistant 

Claudia Brönimann

Deputy Head of the Knowledge Transfer Unit

Martina Bechter

Project manager for real-life student consulting projects

Mikela Frey

Program Assistant