Digitalisation and age – the use of digital services by people aged 65+

Research objectives

Whether in the form of ticket machines, self-service check-in machines at airports, or online banking and shopping: digital services are becoming more and more widespread. Face-to-face contact decreases as the number of self-service technologies (SSTs) increases.

Digitalisation can lead to age-related social inequalities, as it might disadvantage people who do not use digital services (either because they can’t or don’t want to). To ensure that elderly people are not excluded from our society, it is important to assess the use of digital services by people aged 65+.

IKOA conducts research on how elderly people perceive self-service technologies and their attitudes towards them. The experiences of people aged 65+ with digital services are examined by means of a survey (online and paper).

Project team

Sabina Misoch (IKOA-FHS; Lead), Annemarie Schumacher (IKOA-FHS)



01/2017-10/2017 (completed)