Empirical Data Collection, Market Research and Business Analytics

We offer empirical expertise and market research experience for the evaluation of various subjects. As a customer, you will receive accurate data, collected according to scientific principles, to provide you with a firm basis for well-founded decisions. In cooperation with you, we will clarify objectives, develop specific survey instruments and collect data. We will then evaluate the data and create summary reports to match the intended use. Upon request, we will develop measures for implementation.

Consulting Services

Companies and institutions benefit from our top level consulting services and scientific expertise. Integrity, commitment and absolute adherence to deadlines are our maxims.

Choose from our range of consulting services offered in the field of Empirical Data Collection, Market Research and Business Analytics:

  • Staff Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Population Satisfaction Survey
  • Market and Business Analytics
  • Customised Market Research

Research Priorities

Applied research and development are part of our performance mandate. Research projects continuously increase our employees’ knowledge. Customers thus benefit from current, professional, high-quality input. In addition, companies can benefit from cost-efficient research projects and funding opportunities. We help you to develop and implement innovative solutions.


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