[Translate to English:] Institut für Innovation, Design und Engineering IDEE-FHS [Translate to English:] Mit Kopf, Hand und Bauch - Designgetriebene Innovationsentwicklung

Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDEE-FHSWith head, hands and gut

Every innovation starts as an idea. Ideas are born from creativity and knowledge, as well as curiosity about the latest trends. Innovation is therefore about thinking ahead and anticipating the opportunities and challenges that a company will face in the foreseeable future, as well as deciding how to exploit or overcome them intelligently. The Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDEE-FHS at the FHS St.Gallen provides companies with support in this area. We do so by supplementing traditional management and development processes with design-driven elements such as prototyping, scenario thinking, use stories and testing. Because our approach is often participative in nature, it encourages all participants to be more embracing of change. Together with our customers, we develop decision-making principles at the interface between technical feasibility, profitability and desirability.


Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering IDEE-FHS
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