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Demographic change presents major challenges for individuals, institutions, and our society as a whole – and it will continue to do so in the future. The Institute for Ageing Research (IAF-FHS) conducts research in the field of age and ageing. Our innovative projects produce relevant knowledge for decision-making at political and institutional level to address demographic challenges. IAF-FHS contributes to the development of effective, sustainable and socially acceptable solutions to ensure a high quality of life for people in the third age (60+) and fourth (80+) age.

IAF-FHS is one of only a few institutes in the world to conduct state-of-the-art age research. It currently leads the largest national research network in Switzerland, which deals with the topic of the ageing society (AGE-NT). Our team includes experts from a range of different disciplines, and we collaborate with FHS St.Gallen staff as well as external partners.

We firmly believe that older adults can live independently for longer if they are provided with appropriate technological support.


Affective factors of robot acceptance in people aged over 60

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