Tuition fees and expenses

The following fees apply for the Bachelor’s degree in Social Work:

Study fees

  • Registration fee: CHF 250.–
  • Aptitude test fee: CHF 150.–
  • Tuition fee: CHF 1000.–
  • Examination fees per semester: CHF 40.–

Additional costs for copies, teaching materials, etc. may be added. The same applies to travel, catering and maintenance costs for excursions, block seminars, external course weeks and study trips.

Deposits and fees for items on loan

  • CampusCard: CHF 100.–
  • Locker: CHF 50.–


Consult the website of the Scholarship Office of your canton of residence for the scholarship scheme. Please note the timely submission of your application and the detailed regulations.

For more information go to or (in German).

Advice on financing your studies

Our Career Center is available for questions about financing your studies:

+41 71 226 18 48