Majors in Social Work and Social PedagogyChoose an individual focus

During your studies, you can set priorities by choosing a major and a focus area. After graduating, you will be qualified to work in the field of your chosen specialisation.

The following topics are covered on the degree programme:

Key topics – Social Work

  • Methodical action in social work
  • Assistance process and case management
  • Specific forms of help and intervention
  • Legal social work
  • Case management
  • Conversation techniques
  • Large-group techniques and moderation
  • Poverty and welfare theories
  • Social room work/community work
  • Urban sociology/community economics

Key topics – Social Pedagogy

  • Methodical action in social pedagogy
  • Development and age
  • Participation and cooperation
  • Assistance process and case management
  • Media education
  • Social policy in the welfare state
  • Legal and economic framework and localisation of spheres of activity in social pedagogy
  • Education and upbringing within the traditional context of social pedagogy
  • Specific forms of help and intervention

«I chose to study at the FHS St.Gallen, because I was convinced by the contents and topics of the modules offered here. I am able to strengthen my skills and expertise, gaining new knowledge for my practical work experience.»

Anni Sobottka, Hochschule Hannover – University of Applied Sciences and Arts