Competency profileQualified for a broad field of Social Work

The Bachelor's degree confers a ‘Bachelor of science FHO in Social Work with a focus on Social Work and Social Pedagogy’. Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree, you will have acquired competencies to work in the broad field of social work. You will also have access to the continuing Master's degree. At Master's level, the foundations acquired in the Bachelor's degree are expanded in an application-oriented manner with greater scientific content.

Key entry-level skills

After successfully completing the Bachelor’s programme, you will have acquired key skills that are needed for entering the broad field of social work:

  • You will have a generalist qualification, but you will also have specialised by choosing a major and focus area.
  • You will have learned to analyse real-world situations – always taking into account the needs of the beneficiaries and the social and organisational framework conditions.
  • You will also be able to fall back on various professional action models and concepts to help you act appropriately and make good decisions in different situations and contexts.
  • You will be able to identify social developments and translate findings into new approaches.

Career prospects

FHS St. Gallen graduates are sought-after specialists in the job market. The Bachelor’s Programme in Social Work opens doors for you in interesting professions. By attending specific training and development courses at university level, you can continue your education after graduating, either to specialise in a specific area or to enable you to perform additional roles (e.g. project manager, team leader).

The Bachelor’s programme gives you access to the consecutive Master’s programme. It builds upon the skills and knowledge already acquired and qualifies you to take on more responsibility and handle more complex projects and tasks. Alongside technical expertise, analytical and conceptual skills are of particular importance. On the Master’s programme, you will acquire research skills that will qualify you for scientific work and enable you to pursue an academic career. If you hold a master’s degree, you can also apply for a doctoral programme.