Bachelor's degree in Social WorkInterested in your vis-à-vis?

Are you interested in people and their lives? Do you want to work with people, and advise and support them? Would you like to have a responsible role in society and be able to back up your actions with sound technical knowledge and expertise? To enjoy a successful career in social work, it is important that you can answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions. As an aspiring specialist, you will be in direct contact with people and will help to shape their environment.

With the Bachelor’s Programme in Social Work at the FHS St. Gallen, we build a bridge between your needs and expectations and the diverse requirements of the different professions in the area of social work. You will prepare for your future role in a practice-oriented, scientifically sound way while learning to work professionally.

At a glance

Bachelor of Science FHO in Social Work (180 ECTS)

Social Work, Social Pedagogy

Forms of study
Full-time study, part-time study, practice-oriented study

Practical competences
Practical Training (internship), practical project

School qualifications, six-month work experience,
six-month social work internship, aptitude test

Application deadline
Start of spring semester: Friday calendar week 47
Start of autumn semester: Friday calendar week 13

Start of the semester
Spring semester: calendar week 8 (introduction days CW 7)

Autumn semester: calendar week 38 (introduction days in CW37)

Registration and aptitude test fee: CHF 400.-
Tuition fees: CHF 1000.- per semester

The Bachelor’s Programme in Social Work at the FHS St. Gallen is highly practice-oriented and is aimed primarily at preparing students for their future careers. On this generalist course at the FHS St. Gallen, you can choose between a major in Social Pedagogy or Social Work. You will learn theories, methods and tools that enable you to act and argue professionally and ethically in different situations. By choosing a focus area, you can set priorities in terms of topics and content.

  • Majors
  • Social Work and Social Pedagogy
  • Topics of Enquiry in Social Work
  • Focus areas
  • Practical learning
  • Internships and practical projects
  • Skills profile
  • Career options

The modular design allows you to study full-time or part-time, and to decide how many modules are allocated from semester to semester. Full-time study lasts at least 3 semesters, with longer allocated for part-time. It is possible to start studying in both autumn and spring.

Jobs in the field of social work require a high level of social competence, sensitivity to people and social situations, resilience, communication and conflict resolution skills, diverse interests and creativity. In addition, these admission conditions must be met: