Career prospects

FHS St.Gallen deliberately adopts a future-oriented vision and is the only university to offer the choice between three specialisation modules in its nursing degree programme: «Clinical Nursing», «Management» and «Psychsocial Health». This results in different areas of work.

Career Prospects in Clinical Nursing

  • Activity in demanding and complex care
  • Management and implementation of the entire nursing process, in particular for patients in difficult situations with unclear and unpredictable nursing problems and unforeseeable developments
  • Counselling for individuals, families or groups with an increased need for nursing care
  • Leadership position in the frame of healthcare project and teamwork
  • Interdisciplinary Case Management, and collaboration with other disciplines and professions

Career Prospects in Management

  • Consulting and leadership positions in public or private health institutions
  • Health-related management tasks
  • Leading of teams as a station director and/or unit leader

Career Prospects in Psychsocial Health

  • Health promotion in various fields of practice
  • Consulting and evaluations for prevention projects, health education, and risk management