Foundation and main study

The Bachelor’s Programme in Industrial Engineering is divided into training modules that can be credited towards other universities in Switzerland and abroad via the European transfer system (European Credit Transfer System, ECTS). Therefore semesters abroad at partner universities of FHS St.Gallen are possible. The degree programme is divided into foundation (assessment level) and main study sections.

  • Foundation study lasts two semesters.
  • Foundation study mainly provides you with the technical, methodological and instrumental foundations of engineering in connection with business administration issues.
  • For full-time study, in addition to the foundation study, knowledge is applied in workshops. These workshops involve analysis based on a practical case study and design for a new product.
  • Foundation study must be passed in order to access the main study.
  • The main study serves to consolidate and expand the knowledge gained at foundation level. Increased emphasis is placed on self-learning, as well as on personal and socially responsible thinking and behaviour.
  • Like the foundation study, knowledge is applied in greater depth in workshops (industrial project) on the basis of practical cases.
  • The main study is completed with a Bachelor thesis.

«The unique combination of integrated process understanding, broad technical basis, and sound economic and social know-how makes industrial engineers from the FHS St.Gallen sought-after employees in our manufacturing industry. It is these socially competent, holistically thinking and versatile engineers who can ensure that our industry remains competitive in the future.»

Felix Klaiber, Head Technology and Innovation, Geberit