Formal qualifications

For admission onto the Bachelor’s Programme in Industrial Engineering, one of the following formal qualifications is required:

  • Vocational baccalaureate (‘Berufsmatura’)
  • Specialised baccalaureate (‘Fachmaturität’)
  • Academic baccalaureate (‘Gymnasiale Maturität’)
  • Diploma from a higher technical college (3 years) if it corresponds to at least a recognised vocational baccalaureate
  • International qualification if it corresponds to at least the level of a recognised vocational baccalaureate

German proficiency

International candidates must demonstrate proficiency in German to level C1.

Evidence of 12 months’ work experience (certificate of employment) in a profession related to the major.

In addition to the formal admission requirements, candidates wishing to take the Bachelor in Industrial Engineering should meet the following requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of maths (level of specialised vocational baccalaureate)
  • Basic knowledge of physics (level of specialised vocational baccalaureate)
  • Basic knowledge of accounting (level of commercial vocational baccalaureate)
  • Basic practical knowledge of manual and mechanical production

The following tests will help you to assess your knowledge:

  • Maths Fitness Test
  • Pretest Financial Accounting / Pretest Financial Accounting Solutions

If you are having difficulties completing the self-assessment tests or if you want to refresh your knowledge of the subjects before commencing your studies, we recommend that you take the respective preliminary courses:

  • Preparatory Course Mathematics
  • Preparatory Course Financial Accounting
  • Preparatory Course Physics