Why Business Information Technology?

Business Information Technology is still a fairly young discipline of applied computer science. It is interdisciplinary in nature, as it combines elements of business administration, computer science, engineering and behavioural science.


The Business Information Technology degree programme is aimed at candidates with a technical vocational baccalaureate (‘technische Berufsmatura’) or a commercial vocational baccalaureate (kaufmännische Berufsmatura) (Link Kaufmännische und technische Berufsmaturität). Business IT specialists identify the different departments’ needs in relation to an information system and implement them in technical terms. Business IT specialists need good communication skills, as they often work in advisory and mediating roles.


«The excellent career prospects – plus the fact that nothing works without computers in this age of digitalisation – were the main reasons for why I chose this course.»

Anina Angehrn

Bachelor Student, Business Information Technology

«At Raiffeisen, business IT specialists work at the important interface between essential information technology and the departments and projects. Their broad interdisciplinary knowledge drives the digitalisation of Raiffeisen.»

Ueli Eugster

Raiffeisen Switzerland, HR Business Partner

«Business Information Technology was the right choice for me because I can pursue my interest in IT on the course, and the career prospects are also very good.»

Nadja Büchel

Bachelor Student, Business Information Technology

«In light of rapid digitalisation, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to recruit well-qualified employees who can combine IT and business ideals. With its Bachelor’s Programme in Business Information Technology, the FHS St. Gallen offers an optimum education that is highly valuable to companies.»

Guido Frei

Head of Human Resources, ABACUS Research AG