Career options

As a graduate of the Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology, you will be a highly sought-after candidate for specialist and management positions. Your degree will enable you to undertake highly skilled activities and professional management functions in all types of IT projects in a corporate environment. Depending on your chosen minor, you will be able to build up an individual skills profile that will prepare you for the relevant tasks in a professional environment.    

Future prospects

The career prospects are very good: due to the digitalisation of business and society, business IT specialists will play a big part in shaping the future. The ICT job market is therefore growing exponentially. In 2016, the IWSB institute for economic research predicted that there will be a shortfall of 25,000 ICT specialists by the year 2024 – thus, there is a need to train a corresponding number of people in this field.

Employees in the ICT sector are very well qualified. According to the study by IWSB, 25 percent have a university degree. Due to the identified gap, various measures have been taken to train up the required professionals. In the Canton of St. Gallen, for example, an IT education offensive was launched that includes measures at all school levels, such as IT secondary school.