After successfully completing the Master’s Programme in Corporate/Business Administration at the FHS St. Gallen, you will be able to apply your knowledge across different areas and take a holistic approach to tackling challenges. You will also be able to develop effective, appropriate solutions in specific situations and thereby make an active contribution to organisational development.

The scientific yet practice-oriented management course focuses on enhancing specialist and methodological skills, research skills, personal skills and social skills in a balanced way.

Specialist and methodological skills

Sie erwerben generalistische Managementkompetenzen, wie Situationen analysieren, Ziele setzen und Lösungsvarianten generieren, entscheiden, Projekte planen und managen. Sie wissen diese Kompetenzen situationsgerecht anzuwenden und können Projektleitungsfunktionen übernehmen und weiterentwickeln.

Research skills

You will be able to analyse complex problems associated with internal and external company relations at a higher level of abstraction and derive appropriate courses of action and behaviour. You will be able to categorise knowledge, deal with complexity and make decisions even where the available information is incomplete or limited.

Personal and social skills

You will know how to clearly communicate your conclusions and your rationally justified theories to experts and laypersons, assess your own social skills, and exercise even more independence and autonomy in the learning process. You will also be able to manage resources constructively and evaluate and improve your leadership and coaching skills.