Bachelor`s degree in Business Administration

If you are ready to perform at the highest level, then the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration at the FHS St. Gallen is the perfect choice for you. The course opens the door to numerous management positions in the fields of business and administration, including marketing and communication, human resource management and strategic management.

You benefit from a practice-oriented generalist education and can choose between the two majors ‘General Management’ and ‘International Management’ on the main course.

Christian Benger is a Business Administration bachelor student at the FHS St.Gallen. He knows what he wants, and what skills he will need to progress in life. Many of the qualities that are important to him in sports also come in handy in his day-to-day student life.

At a glance

Bachelor of Science FHO in Business Administration (180 ECTS)

Practical skills
Integration and student consulting projects

Forms of study
Full-time study, Practice-oriented study

Semester fees: CHF 1000.– per semester

Vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura) or A Levels (Matura) with work experience

Application deadline
30 April

Start of the semester
Calendar week 38 (induction week in CW 37)

The content of the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Administration at the FHS St.Gallen is divided into five fields of study and it focuses on key skill sets. By choosing a focus area on the main course, you set a specific priority that matches your inclinations and interests and forms an important part of qualifying you for your future career.

The Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration can be completed full-time or part-time while in employment, in both the General Management or Business Information Management Majors. The last three semesters of the Major in International Management can only be completed as a full-time student.

Candidates who have successfully completed vocational secondary school can be admitted onto the Business Administration programme at the FHS St. Gallen without having to take an entrance examination. However, professional experience in the commercial field is required in addition.

  • Commercial or business vocational baccalaureate
  • Other vocational baccaleaureate and academic baccalaureate
  • Other educational background
  • European university qualifications
  • Tuition fees and scholarships
  • Regristration and deadlines

Language requirements for students

First-year students who do not have a Swiss baccalaureate (Matura) or German-language qualification and whose mother tongue is not German must demonstrate German language skills at level C1 (GER) for admission to studies. This does not apply to foreign exchange students in the Major in International Management; they must demonstrate English language skills at TOEFL level: paper-based 550, internet-based 79 or equivalent.