Foto Fachhochschulzentrum

Studying and Living in St.Gallen

The city of St. Gallen is located between Lake Constance and the impressive scenery of the Alpstein massif. It is an educational centre: there are 14 000 students residing among approximately 75 000 inhabitants. The town is characterised by a rich history dating back 1400 years. While strolling through the old town, you can encounter the past on every street corner: with world-famous bay windows, historical winding streets and the imposing Baroque Cathedral in the Abbey precinct, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

The modern city of St. Gallen features a wide range of cultural choices, from theatres to museums, concert venues and festivals. St. Gallen is part of a region with extensive leisure facilities. The shore of nearby Lake Constance offers pools and water sports. The rural environment of St. Gallen is a popular hiking and cycling area. The recreation areas are reachable on foot or in a very short time by public transport.