[Translate to English:] International Office Wirtschaft [Translate to English:] Das International Office Wirtschaft berät Sie zu den Angeboten und unterstützt Sie in der individuellen Umsetzung Ihres Auslandaufenthalts.

International Office Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration is the biggest part of FHS St.Gallen with more than 1,000 students currently being enrolled at Bachelor and Master level. Its reputation as a very innovative and practice oriented university is well known in Swit­zerland. Practice-orientation is more than just a buzzword for us, and our teaching goes far beyond analyzing case studies. In the Department of Business Administration, stu­dents learn to apply theoretical knowledge by systematically carrying out consulting projects for companies and public institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

The Department of Business Administration at the FHS St.Gallen has established an inter­national network of partner universities from all over the world. Students who take part in the international exchange programme expe­rience the socio-economic, commercial and cultural contexts of another country while earning academic credits.